More than hot surfaces

Often, machines, machine elements, tools, moulds and cylinders must be heated so that process chains can be run properly.

The proper heating mainly depends on two factors: Heating from the inside or outside? Which energy density is required? Depending on the requirements, heater bands, oval tube heaters, coil heaters, panel radiators, heating cartridges or tubular heaters made of micanite, brass, stainless steel, silicone or ceramics are used.

Depending on the power density, the spatial requirements or surface quality require hundreds of different designs most of which we have in stock as a standard. Of course, with standard connections. And the appropriate control equipment.

heatsystems - Products and heasystems - Service: Our contribution to your success. Finally, things must go on.

Ceramic heating elements Exchangeable heat source
Ceramic heating elements
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Cartridge heaters The right temperature in the workpiece
Cartridge heaters
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Tubular heaters Various heating
Tubular heaters
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Coil heaters The right temperature in the workpiece
Coil heaters
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