More than hot air

Gas heaters are mainly distinguished by the fact whether the gas is under a (noticeable) overpressure or more or less without any pressure.

In case of excess pressure (and a vacuum as well), electrical flow-type heaters under approximate atmospheric pressure are used: channel-type air heaters. We have designed heatsystems channel-type air heaters especially for a direct heating of gaseous fluids.

They are used for heating incombustible, gaseous fluids and vapours. Special applications are ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well drying systems and process engineering. For higher pressures, electrical flow-type heaters are used. Sometimes, the cable industry requires special flow-type heating channels for tempering PTFE insulations.

The genetic technology safety regulations (GenTSV) explicitly require a safe inactivation of contaminated waste-air from fermenters and autoclaves. The thermal treatment for an inactivation of biological contamination is a largely accepted process. Among others, we developed a thermal incinerator for this special application.

It is really true that we turn on hot wires only. But then our special knowledge comes into play. And our engineering ingenuity.

Electrical flange heaters For liquids or gases
Electrical flange heaters
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Vessels Store energy!
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Tank heaters For the proper temperature in the tank
Tank heaters
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Electrical process heater For flowing fluids
Electrical process heater
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Heavy-oil preheaters The proper viscosity
Heavy-oil preheaters
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Screw-in heaters For liquids or gases
Screw-in heaters
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Mobile flow-type heaters For flowing fluids
Mobile flow-type heaters
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Plate heat exchangers For liquids or gases
Plate heat exchangers
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Push-in preheaters For the proper temperature in the tank
Push-in preheaters
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Combined heat exchangers Heating liquids alternatively
Combined heat exchangers
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Inline heaters Pocket-free heating
Inline heaters
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Pharma-type flange heaters Heating liquids or gases
Pharma-type flange heaters
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Pharma-type heat exchanger For ultra-pure fluids
Pharma-type heat exchanger
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