Pharma-type heat exchanger


Pure fluids have to stay pure. Therefor we produce DTS-heat exchangers for these fluids. DTS ist the abbreviation for double-tube-sheet, meaning a second tube sheet, the mail design criteria. This prevents cross-contamination between the two fluids, e. g. due to a leak in a welcding seam.

If this happens, the according fluid leaks easily visible without the danger of contaminatin the second fluid. The heat exchanger tubes are seamless, so there is no welding seam in contact with one of the fluids.

Of course the materials used, same as the fluid connections and surface qualities in the apropriate performance available.

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These fluids can be heated or cooled in DTS-heat exchangers:

I. heating and cooling fluids

  • steam or pure steam
  • circulating water
  • coolant fluids

II. process fluids

  • ultra pure water
  • water for injections (WFI)
  • productsolution, water-like
  • pure water for steam generation

The fluid to be heated ist one of the major design criteria for the materials to be used. Otherwise corrosion can damage the heat exchanger.

materials of the wetted, unheated parts:

  • stainless steel
  • titanium, hastelloy, special alloys

materials if the heat exchanging surface:

  • stainless steel 316L (1.4404 or 1.4435)
  • titanium, hastelloy, special alloys

The DTS heat exchangers can be delivered without insulation (for a customer-provided insulation) or with insulation. The insulation can be designed as follows:

I. insulation material

  • Mineral wool with a galvanized or aluminium-coated metal jacket
  • Diffusion-tight or gas-tight insulation
  • Insulation for indoor or outdoor installation

We are prepared to agree with you on the type and position of the fluid connections. The following connections are available:

I. fluid connections

  • Standard flanges (DIN, ASME, SAE etc.)
  • Female or male thread connections
  • Clamp flanges
  • Sterile flanges
  • Dairy-type pipe connections
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