sanitisation of drinking water

new drinking water ordinance - things are getting seroius now?

Since 1 November 2011 the Drinking Water Ordinance has become stricter, obliging landlords to take action against the contamination of drinking water by germs: So far, the problem of germs has mostly been ignored or kept under wraps. But now, actions can no longer be explained away.

Example: Mobile flow-type heater for drinking water sanitzation

Experts agree that drinking water temperatures of more than 60 °C will kill the dangerous germs (such as legionella). Unfortunately, saving efforts during the last years have shown that these temperatures can no longer be reached in many cases since they were lowered or the system could no longer attain them due to its design. Also, thermostatic mixers for scalding protection are often the reason for the fact that the temperatures required for killing the germs in the lines can no longer be reached.

But temperatures permanently above 60°C are not absolutely necessary at all. Often, the pipes can be heated at regular intervals to keep the number of germs below the action level.

Therefore, it is quite useful to bring individual pipe branches to sufficiently high temperatures by electrical heaters. In this case, attention must be mainly be paid to the design of the heater. Lime dissolved in the drinking water will precipitate above 60 °C and deposit on the heating elements, leading to a premature failure of the heater in case of a wrong design. The flow-type heaters from heatsystems have exactly been designed for this application. Contrary to traditional flow-type heaters known from the sanitary area, they can even cope with pre-heated water without any problems. Therefore, it is not necessary to heat the cold drinking water to the desired temperature (approx. 75 °C in most cases), but the existing warm drinking water can be used. This will reduce the power costs enormously.

heatystems flow-type heaters can also be mounted to a sack barrow for maintenance and optionally be equipped with a pump. The power range is from 10 kW (compatible with a 16 A three-phase socket outlet) to more than 40 kW (can still be connected to a 63A socket outlet).

The flow-type heaters can also be customized to optimally meet every requirement.

As for the rest: Among others, flow-type heaters from heatsystems have been used for a thermal sanitization (sterilization) of ultra-pure water systems for years.

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