never deposits again

anti-stick coating for almost all heating elements

In practice, deposits (e.g. lime) on the surface of heating elements frequently result in their failure. The heat dissipation is obstructed and corrosion proceeds much faster, destroying the heating element.

heatystems can provide an anti-sticking coating for the surface of almost all heating elements, effectively preventing adhesions caused by lime and other fluids. The heating elements have a very smooth and chemically inert surface. This low-friction coating reliably prevents the substances forming deposits from sticking. The high hardness of the coating ensures a good resistance to abrasion.

The low thickness of the coating, which additionally has a high temperature stability, does not adversely affect the heat dissipation of the heating element so that the heater equipped with coated heating elements has compact fitting dimensions. In addition, the coating has been examined for its food compatibility. Thanks to the above-mentioned advantages of the anti-sticking coating heating elements can be used for applications which could not be heated or only be heated with problems before.

Of course, heat exchangers can also be equipped with anti-sticking coating.

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